New Vix Beta Update

New beta update for VIX.

  • Space bar now toggles playback
  • J, K and L work as shuttle keys
  • Arrow keys navigate markers
  • Enter and exit full-screen with Command+Enter
  • Fade in/out edits
  • You can now trim and split your video clips inside Vix
  • New beat detector options
  • Resequence the timing of videos in your composition from a menu
  • Bug fixes
  • UI clean up

You can grab it here: Download the beta.

Vix Tutorial #2 - 00-26-13-18

VIX: A New Kind of Video Editor

Today I would like to introduce you to VIX, my latest video editing application for OS X.

VIX is a different kind of video editor.  What makes it different from the NLEs that you might be used to, for example Final Cut Pro, is that VIX is video editing driven by audio.  The basic premise is that VIX will automatically edit a list of videos to the tempo of a song, but it goes much further than that.  You have complete control over every edit and there is a fun interplay between the manual process and allowing VIX to automatically edit for you.

The following is a video created entirely with VIX.  It’s a “behind the scenes” video for a photo shoot for the iPad fashion magazine Em Oi here in Vietnam.  For a moderately skilled person in the use of Final Cut or Adobe Premiere, this might have taken anywhere from a day to three days.  In VIX, it took about an hour:



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Sky Garden

Time lapse of Vietnam’s amazing skies.  Shot from my apartment while sequestered to the couch after an unfortunate surgery.

Is This Really the Future of Magazines or Why Didn’t They Just Use Html 5?

I just downloaded the Wired iPad application, and like most iPad applications (and most magazines for that matter), I found myself bored with it within the first 20 minutes. I’m sure the content is engaging, I’m sure the articles are worth reading – but I am stumped as to why I would chose this over the physical magazine itself, or their website for that matter. In fact, for reasons I’ll get into below, I’m starting to believe that the physical magazine’s “interface” is vastly superior to it’s iPad cousin.

However, what strikes me most about the Wired app is how amazingly similar it is to a multimedia CD-ROM from the 1990′s. This is not a compliment and actually turns out to be a fairly large problem…

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